October 30, 2008

The paper is here G warns us to stay away from water. Dont carry big heavy objects either stay outside at your own risk.

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The Hunt

October 29, 2008

First pick up the basket in Snow forts.

Candy 8 Go to the book room click the green candle and it will be in the books on top

Candy 6 Go to ice burg and click the stars it will draw a candy in the stars

Candy 5 go to cove click Swim at ur own Risk and it will fall on the caching waves hut.

Candy 4 is in the cauldern in the Plaza.

Candy 7 go to the lighthouse click it till it lightins 3 times then look in the eye of the Pumkin.

Candy 1 Go to snow forts and click the blue flag it will go down then the candy comes up.

Candy 2 Go to the Dance Lounge click the light it will appear on top

Candy 3 go to the ski Lounge attic then Click the blue box and u can claim ur prize.

Never log out in the middle on the hunt.

The prize is a Gaint Pum. Background.

For A BONUS item go back and click the green candle. U must have have a RAD outfit to enter.

Codes For the Toys

October 28, 2008

Here are the codes that i found out..

The Ultimate OfficalGuide to Club Penguin

Page 101Line 8?  (not 16)  Donated

3 codes work for Club Penguin Storeaway

Page 25. Yarr

Page 21. Migrator

Page 80. Penguin

Hopes that helps and it will talk tries so be paitent ( Took me 3 trys for Rockhopper 1 and about…. 100 trys for the Guide 1)

Waddle On!

Contest And Party

October 28, 2008

The contest is simple. Best Outfit wins. It doesn’t have to be ur penguin. It can be any penguin you see.  Post the http of the image in your comment. The prize is 1M free membership. The finalnists will have a chance to win for sure in the next contest. Winners will be mailed via email so you have to have a vailed email adress and you have to claim on Monday winners announced Sat. The party will be in Snow Bank on Saturday at 8pm PST.

Waddle On!

Holween Event Out – RuneScape

October 28, 2008

Tommrow is also the party in Club Penguin Enjoy!

Talk to Maggie say Happy Holween then i have some questions for then keep talking till u sya everything then talk again about swept-away

Go to Hetty talk to her in the place the Witch potion lasted then go down in the celler talk to Gus.

The Right Lable is lime

Middle is toads

Left is Toads & Lime now go to Betty in the Port rune shop

Talk to betty go down to the celler.

Talk to Lottie now he will explain everything.

Now Looks hard right? Not. Its very simple autually. Move the blackbird out of its pen to the empty 1 move the lizard and spier and mouse around clockwise in the 4 box. Don’t make a mastake or u have to start over.

Then move the raven back into its pen. Now its in place then..move on! To Aggie.

She will now teleport you.  First Sweap away top left Secend and third the 2 certral lines And last the bottom right. Go back to dranor manor and talk to her.

Hope it helps. Also talk to maggie to Start trick-or-treat.

Trading Cards – Club Penguin

October 26, 2008

Hello! Club Penguin Trading cards will be here soon! You can buy the cards in mid-November. The best thing is you can play it with ur friends at home. They will be alivable in Toys R Us in mid Nov..

It’s just in time to connect with the club penguin DS game

Waddle On!

Pin & 3 Year

October 24, 2008

For thos of you who coulden’t watch the party live i got a picture for you.

Well ya it’s lucky for me i got to watch it because my time zone is same as pst and i had no school LOL

Here is a post card!

The Pin is here it’s in the lodge if u cant see it click on it

And there is a free item:

It’s in the coffee shop also Click on it if u can’t see it,,, thats about it….Well Good-bye

Just kidding the party hat is in the coffee shop too just click the red bottom well now really good bye

Nope hahahahahaha its in the cake LOL

Also the toys are out